Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A activities in Vietnam are quite complicated due to their characteristics in terms of the nature of each enterprise's business entity and distinctive legal system of Vietnam, which often confuses many foreign investors. With the purpose of providing our clients with the best service and active support for their development strategies, not only is Ant Lawyer's team of lawyers and specialists required to be in possession of in-depth knowledge about such characteristics, but they also have to keep their insights into taxation, labor, intellectual properties, unfair competition, and any matter relating to M&A activities, always updated.

Our legal services in the area of Mergers & Acquisitions include:

Verification of the enterprise’s legal status with respect to taxation, debts, and labor, as well as its general business situation
Assessment of the enterprise’s financial situation
Advise on the negotiation, development and implementation of contracts
Participation in mergers & acquisitions negotiations
Consult on labor & employment arrangements
Consult on the financial methods facilitating mergers & acquisitions
Advice on the time limits, procedures, and conditions for the transfer and exchange of assets, transfer and exchange of capital contribution portions, shares and bonds of the enterprise merged into contributed capital, and shares and bonds of the enterprise accepting the merger
File all necessary paperwork following a merger or acquisition

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